Interaction Design

Listen up, peeps! Before we dive into this, I just wanna say that working with Rimowa would be a total dream come true. But until then, check out this concept I've got for creating some dope and unforgettable interactions in the e-commerce world. What do you think? Let's see it!

Leveling up the brand that's already badass

How do we make the world even more obsessed with those Rimowa suitcases without messing with their awesomeness? Just don't drop the ball.

So the goal was to craft an interactive escapade that would showcase Rimowa's swanky suitcases in all their glory, leaving you wanting more and more.

Buckle up for a journey into the storytelling realm of storyboards!

First things first, I got my crayons and paper ready and started scribbling down some rough ideas to get the basics down and try out different ways of putting the ideas together.

Chill with the static pics already! Time to unveil the final prototype, stat.

Mind-blowing Focus

To keep users focused on the suitcase's awesomeness, we hide the menu so they can fully dive into the suitcase's wow-worthy features and sleek design. After users scroll down to immerse themselves in the suitcase's awesomeness, they can always scroll back up and access the menu whenever they need it. Zero pressure.

Silent Supporter

I've added a handy top bar that's always within reach, no matter how far down the page you scroll. It's got all the essential options you need, like quick settings and an eye-catching "Add to Cart" button. This makes it easier than ever to make choices and check out without any hassle.

Make the Shopping Experience
a Breeze

The goal of interaction design is to make sure users have a frictionless and enjoyable experience as they explore the suitcase's features and stunning looks. You can check out all the features and drool over the design at your own pace, and make decisions whenever you feel like it. It's like having an effortless and fulfilling shopping journey where you're always in control.

The user's the captain of this ship!

You're the captain of this suitcase-browsing adventure. Cruise through the page with your scroll wheel and you're the boss of what pops up. Wanna undo something? Just give your scroll wheel a quick nudge. Wanna skip ahead to the juicy bits? Zip down the page and blast past those pesky animations. It's your show, dude.

Great... WTF is the point?

I've crafted a smooth and user-friendly experience that lets you effortlessly explore Rimowa suitcases' features and breeze through the checkout process. This seamless journey ensures you have a blast shopping, leading to increased user satisfaction and higher sales for online store.

As a finishing touch, I would like to share a kinetic branding project that complements the course's credit work.

Wrap up

That's all, folks!

I hope you enjoyed checking out Rimowa's interactive concept design. It's a visually engaging experience that showcases the brand's sleek and innovative style. If you're interested in exploring the design further, I've created an interactive prototype of Rimowa's product page. It incorporates active scroll functionality to enhance the user experience.

If you're curious to explore the design in more detail, you can find a link to an interactive prototype of Rimowa's product page here.

Thanks for your time! ♥︎