UI Design

A virtual haven for chicken enthusiasts

Prokuratura is the next big thing in chicken. They're bold, daring, and they have something for everyone. Their communication style is laid-back, unapologetic, and direct. So, it was only natural that their app would be equally cool.

Register & Login

Get Signed Up and Logged In in a Snap

A streamlined process is available for users to log in or register using their Apple, Google, or Facebook accounts. Ditch the hassle and jump right in – sign up and log in with your email, Apple, Google, or Facebook account in a snap. It's as easy as pie!

Feed & Stories

Chow Down in a Jiffy

To speed up the lunch-finding process for hungry users, I implemented a captivating carousel brimming with tantalizing dish photos. While upselling was included, it was kept discreet. Users can seamlessly adjust cart quantities, access transparent order summaries, and choose from a suite of convenient payment methods.

Food ordering

Get Your Grub On!

Users can ditch the guesswork and find their perfect dish with a simple tap. They can sift through mouthwatering options based on their hunger pangs, dietary choices, or the event – no more endless menu marathons. Then, users can effortlessly add their culinary treasures to the cart. To seal the deal, they just need to pop in their address and either enter their payment details or tap on a saved method. Smooth as butter!

Order tracking

Where's My Munch?

To make order tracking a breeze, I hooked users up with a clear screen and a pop-up modal that shows the estimated delivery time, address (just in case), and order contents. This info is laid out in a no-nonsense way, so users can stay on top of their orders and track their delivery progress like a champ.

Order rating

Rate Your Bite!

Once their grub arrives, users can leave a lit af rating based on three essential factors: food taste, overall vibes, and delivery speed. If the order gets canceled, users can check the final cost, which will be zero zloty if the restaurant pulls the plug. And if there's any other issues that need addressing, users can always hit up our chill customer support squad.


Straight Talk, No BS

I hooked users up with a chat feature that's like texting with their pals, right there in the order tracking system. This feature lets them chat with delivery dude, get real-time updates on their order status, ask questions, and get stuff sorted out ASAP.

This chat feature totally elevates the user experience by giving them a more personal and interactive way to keep an eye on their orders. It also builds a connection between users and staff, making for a more positive and engaging dining experience. So, ditch those boring order tracking screens and chat with your friendly restaurant staff – it's like ordering food with a friend!

My account

Your Culinary Command Center

The app has a dope tab that lets users manage their stuff, check out deals, access their dough, read FAQs, and get help from the support squad.


Slick Access to the Necessary Stuff

To whip out the goods, users can tap the dang menu in the top corner. If your order's en route, check out the driver's spot on the map. From there, you can peep the details or chat with your personal delivery ninja.


Recent Grub and Upcoming Nosh

When we're scrolling through those food delivery apps, we're more likely to stick with our go-tos than explore new culinary adventures. To save time and energy for the busy foodies, the app has a rad section where you can peep your order history and grab your faves in a jiffy.

Discount codes

Munch on Deals

For all you discount aficionados out there, this is your one-stop shop for scoring sweet deals. Cop a bunch of discount codes right from this section. You can even add your own to the list. To make things even easier, there's a big ol' button to apply your code right from the list. No need to go back and type it all in again.


Unleash Your Curiosity, We've Got Answers

This section rocks accordions to slay info overload. Users can seamlessly locate answers to primo questions while keeping the less essential ones on ice.


Pay Your Way

The Wallet tab is your one-stop shop for managing your payment methods and vouchers. With just a tap, you can add or ditch payment cards, connect to payment systems, and keep your vouchers organized. Plus, vouchers seamlessly integrate into the order process, making discounts as easy to apply as ever.


We're here to lend a hand

The Helpdesk section is your chill spot for getting assistance - either real-time or whenever you're ready. For instant help, hit the chat button. For those who wanna keep on browsing, just send a message and we'll get back to you as soon as you're ready to focus on our response.

Receiving a discount

Shake It Up, Save Some Bucks!

This tab is the ultimate reward for all you promo fiends. Every day, you've got a chance to score a discount on some tasty grub from the menu. Just give your phone a shake, let the accelerometer do its thing, and the app will whip up a discount code for you. And if you're worried about damaging your phone or have some hardware issues, there's a handy button in the top right corner that'll reveal the reward with a tap. Once you've got your discount, you can quickly whip up a new order and apply that bad boy right away.



Got it. Wrap it up.

Aight, Prokuratura is the bomb-diggity food delivery app for chicken fiends. It's got a gnarly interface that's a breeze to use and looks totally tubular.

Chillax and let Prokuratura handle your food cravings. App's super easy sign-up and login are seamlessly integrated with all your fave platforms, making it a total breeze. Browse through crystal-clear feed of drool-worthy dishes, or let Stories feature do the work for you, catering directly to your current hunger pangs. Connect with your delivery dude in real-time, like a true bro, and score exclusive discounts with the tap of a button. Need help? Prokuratura's got you covered with our quick and easy support. Wallet tab makes payment a cinch, FAQ section has all the answers you need, and Order History feature makes it easy to revisit your favorite dishes.

Prokuratura, despite being just a concept, proves that it's possible to incorporate user needs and preferences into its design. Its design and features are perfectly suited to cater to chicken fiends, and the app has the potential to change the way users order and manage their food deliveries.

Creating this concept gave me the opportunity to freshen up on my UX design skills and learn more about Apple's HIG. Even though I'd definitely switch a few things around today (considering all the new stuff I've learned since I made this concept), I'm still kinda fired up about it. Peace out, and happy chicken munching! Don't forget to order from Prokuratura!

Thanks for your time! ♥︎