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UI/UX Designer based on Warsaw.

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Key information about me, served up in a crisp and clear PDF.

My experience, skills, certifications, recommendations and all other relevant information.

What am I doing?

What am I doing?

Journey Through
My Career


  • Digital Designer | Rebel Tang
    2022 - present

    Collaborative design practices, data-driven design methods, and user-centered approach resulted in the creation of effective web and mobile interfaces that significantly enhanced user engagement and improved key metrics.
  • Digital Manager | Intryga.io
    2019 - present

    Strategic digital marketing expertise, coupled with data-driven campaign execution and effective content management, delivered tangible results for renowned clients across diverse industries.
  • Digital Manager | Loyalty Tool

    Loyalty program development and implementation, coupled with proactive partnerships with industry leaders, nurtured customer engagement and fostered enduring brand connections.

Driven by a passion for the art of design, I meticulously craft user-centric experiences that harmonize with strategic business objectives







Digital Marketing



As an individual, my diverse experience in a startup has enabled me to showcase my abilities through hands-on involvement in projects ranging from website design to app development and product interfaces.

As a designer, I believe it is crucial to place the idea at the core and then analyze the project from various perspectives, leaving nothing to chance and developing everything with unwavering resolve.

As a marketer, I blend data-driven insights with creative flair to craft campaigns that captivate and convert. Leveraging AI, I amplify brand narratives across sectors, driving growth.

People & Brands

Currently, I'm part of Rebel Tang, a trailblazing startup reshaping the European food-tech landscape. Previously, I collaborated with esteemed brands across Europe and globally, crafting unique digital experiences that resonate deeply with diverse audiences.

What they said?

The recommended solutions proved to be effective, strengthening the presence of the Essilor Polonia brand in digital channels. Alexander and his team showed commitment and diligence, and the projects implemented together were completed on time. It is also worth appreciating the flexibility and openness to change. Alexander has professional knowledge and many years of experience, thanks to which he brought a lot of peace to our cooperation. Therefore, we did not hesitate to entrust him with the responsibility for the success of the projects implemented together.
Testimonial Avatar
Ewa Żebrowska
Country Media, Digital & Communication Manager Essilor Group
I had the pleasure of working with Alexander on several projects at Rebel Tang. His insightful solutions and keen eye for detail were instrumental in enhancing the user experience of our products, resulting in a significant improvement in usability and engagement. Alexander's pro-level professionalism and adaptability made him a valuable asset in the dynamic startup environment. His design passion transcended visuals to ensure our products were inclusive and accessible, showcasing his expertise, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit – a true gem in the design world. I highly recommend working with Alexander in the field of UX/UI.
Testimonial Avatar
Łukasz Piekut
CMO, Rebel Tang
Alexander is an exceptional digital professional who combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of client needs. His empathy and commitment to excellence make him a true asset to any project. Alexander's ability to present well-researched proposals and attention to detail ensure that projects are executed with precision and creativity. His approach to client relationships is refreshingly unique, combining professionalism with an elastic and refined sensibility. I highly recommend working with Alexander.
Testimonial Avatar
Przemysław Dzienuć
Digital Marketing Manager, Sony Music
During our collaboration, I had the feeling that Aleksander could handle any task. We never heard from his team "it can't be done." They treat every problem as a challenge and an opportunity to prove their competence. They work very creatively and quickly. An experienced team that always suggests the most effective solution. We are very satisfied with this collaboration and can recommend working with Aleksander to anyone who values high-quality service.
Testimonial Avatar
Mateusz Oleksiuk

My motto

A user interface is like a joke.
If you have to explain it, it's not that good.